Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Letter Written to AP Human rights commission for immediate APMS Recruitment

Dt. 13.02.2014
The Hon’ble Chairman,
Ap Human rights commission,
Honoured Sir,
Sub:- Recruitments to AP Model Schools – Non-Recruitment of a number of Posts – Request to Take this letter as Suomoto- To interfere and speed up Recruitment in Model Schools to protect the human rights with respect to children and employees in the state of A.P. – Reg.
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I am one of the candidates who has written and got qualifying marks in the Recruitment for PGT and TGT Teachers for the newly proposed AP Model Schools which are established by the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh with the funding from the Govt. of India. I would like to request your lordship’ s kind reference to the following facts:
The Central Government (Govt. of India) with a noble intention of promoting Secondary and Higher Education in un-developed, backward Districts of India proposed setting up of Model Schools. These Model Schools are based on a holistic approach of developing all round development of students with English as teaching medium and state syllabus handling classes from VIth to XII th class and high standards and even the Teaching designations are re-modelled on the basis of the Navodaya and Kendriya Vidyalaya Schools.
The State of Andhra Pradesh was allotted 355 schools in the Ist Phase which were to be started from 2012-2013 with 75% funding from Govt. of India and 25% funding of the State Govt. Accordingly, a Recruitment notification was issued by Rashtriya Madhyamik Sikshya Abhiyan, under the aegis of Department of Education, Govt. of A.P. with Notification No.01/RMSA/Model Schools/2012 dt.06-02-2012) for 7100 posts. Though, the Notification was challenged in the AP High Court by some students, as the Notification made English Medium as mandatory for candidates to write the Recruitment examination. The AP High Court did not permit the Candidates / Students who studied in Telugu Media to write the recruitment examinations. Susbsequently, none of the students did not write the TGT recruitment as they were not permitted by the Orders of the High Court. Recruitment Tests were conducted for these posts by the Govt of AP in the month of May. Immediately on the same day i.e., on 1-10.05.2012, another bench of High court permitted the Telugu medium students in WA No.611/2012 to write Recruitment examination for the Posts of PGT and Principal. The Govt. even, gave a Admission notification in may for which a number of students too applied for admission. But, as the buildings were not ready, the recruitment was postponed and admission were also postponed to the next academic year i.e. 2013 – 2014 still, the results of this recruitment examination were released in the month of October, 2012 and the candidates from Telugu medium were with held. Later, a bench of High court of A.P. maintained that, the Govt has every right decide eligibility conditions and so Telugu medium candidates are not eligible for these posts. Subsequently, a list of Selected candidates for each post was released by RMSA on 26h April, 2014 which, was in number less than, the number of posts notified in the notification, in this list some candidates got selected in two or three categories of posts like getting selected to both TGT and PGT and some getting selected to TGT, PGT and Principal based only on pure merit and eligibility. For such candidates Certificate verification was conducted in May, 2013 and out of these 355 schools, only 320+ schools were started. In the Certificate Verification camps, the candidates who got qualified to two / three posts were asked to give their Order of preference in a printed form and those who did not specify their order of preference were forced to give in writing their preference making it mandatory for people who got selected to Dual (two) / three posts. After, this exercise, a very less candidates were selected in interview were appointed for the posts of Principal, whereas for the posts of PGT’s all posts were filled with selected candidates in the month of July, 2013 except in the categories like PGT English, Maths and Telugu which were filled with only half the number of candidates and the said RMSA declared that, they half given posting on roster basis to half people and the remaining half candidates will be given postings in IInd Phase within one year. Shortly, the Telugu Medium studies approached the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India to consider them for the posts of PGT/ Principal in Special Leave to Appeal (Civil) No(s). 14955/2013 on the file of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, ordered that, a joint list of Telugu medium and English medium selected candidates may be prepared and given posting, but subject to the final judgment which is yet to be delivered and declared that, TGTs have no connection with the case as none of the Telugu Medium students wrote the case. Accordingly as per the Orders of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, the TGT;s were given postings in the month of December, 2013 lately after five months of giving postings to PGT’s . In this cases there are more than 200 candidates who got selected as PGT’s in one of the subjects like English / Maths / Telugu and did not get the posts as they were in second phase of PGT recruitment and got good ranks in TGT recruitments, some of them scoring 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th ranks etc. these candidates, who were qualified for Dual (Two) / Three posts did not get appointments from RMSA because, according to RMSA people: As per the decision taken out by the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh The Dual (Two) / Three posts qualified candidates will be considered only one posts of PGT and not for the posts of TGTs. The PGTs in the language subject of Telugu were given appointments on 31.12.2013.
Even today, that is on 13th February, 2014 the candidates who were in second phase of PGT have not been given appointment nor their plea of the Dual / Three posts qualified candidates is considered. They are lying unemployed/underemployed leaving miserably with their families. Meanwhile, the Education imparted in these schools has lost quality and has become worst, because only half of the candidates were appointed as principals, half in PGT English, Mathematics and in TGTs too very less number as appointment list contained the candidates who very only qualified for TGT deducting the candidates who got qualified for Dual (2) or Three Posts. The present number of teachers are not in a situation to handle the students and do justice to them and atleast not in a situation to complete their syllabus in time. Now, the RMSA is thinking of recruiting TGT by giving 2nd list without looking over the Dual (2) / Three Posts selected candidates to avoid this problem.
Now, I request your kind lordship to kindly imagine the situation in which the candidates who got selected for Dual (2) / Three Posts getting 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th ranks are lying un-employed and are not getting jobs any where in the private sector because they have been selected and they may leave their private institutions, where as people who got 20 or even 30 marks less than them are now working in Model Schools or shortly going to join Model Schools. Here, I think that, the universal theory of Right to Equality as propounded by the Constitution is not maintained by the State Government of Andhra Pradesh and Rashtriya Madhyamik Siksha Abhiyan, The Hon’ble court has acted at times on its own discretion a number of times and did justice to people several thousands of time.
In such conditions, I request your Honoured Lordship to interfere by taking this Letter as Suo moto and go through the issue, examine the injustice done order the State Government of Andhra Pradesh and Rashtriya Madhyamik Siksha Abhiyan to complete the process of recruitment and complete the recruitment of TGT’s Teachers by either giving postings to Dual (2) / Three Posts selcted candidates till the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India gives its decission or prepare a list of both Telugu medium and English Medium candidates and give postings to the candidates in merit order as ordered by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in in Special Leave to Appeal (Civil) No(s). 14955/2013. This action of High court to give justice to people who are denied may bring happiness and a ray of new hope of life.
Thanking you sir,
Yours faithfully,

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