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Happeninigs in Hyderabad

  Mrs. Kumudini's husband met Mrs. Usha Rani, Director of School Education at 4.00 pm on 20/4/13 and asked her about the Recruitment. She said that the merit lists of all would be on 1st May and interviews for principals would be from 10th May. She firmly said that they would not allow Telugu medium candidates to these posts. She also told that The court order would not affect the recruitment process.

Some telugu medium candidates went to APMS Office today and asked the officials to release their results showing them the order of Supreme Court of India. But the officials responded coldly and said that they hadnt received copy of the court so far. Now TM candidates plan to meet advocate to bring STAY ORDER on releasing the result. But chances are very slim for them to get Stay and let us hope for the best. This piece of news is from a trust worthy source of candidate from Osmania University. 

When ever any candidate files a case, generally the court takes in into primary consideration and asks the concerned to file a counter. The same thing might have happened here now. The court hasnot decided their eligibility. It asked the Govt to file an explanation so that the judgement may come later.

         Coming to the recruitment, if the Govt wishes to recruit, it can request the permission of the court to continue the recruitment procedure including TM candidates. But in the appointment orders, the point like "all the appointments are subjected to the final judgement of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India" may be included. Because the interest of more than one lakh students awaiting to join these schools is to be considered. But anyway I doubt a little bit about the delay in the recruitment for few more days.

         Again the judgement is not going to affect many aspirants because very few candidates' result has been put in WITH HOLD (Court Case). In many subjects the number is only a single digit.

GO regarding the Guidelines for recruitment of Principals, PGTs & TGTs issued by the Govt.

Model schools teachers' recruitment starts from 15th April....

At last Government put eyes on APMS model teacher recruitment. The recruitment process in deep freeze from the last six month, now government moves forward to  recruit Model school teacher for 2013-14 academic year. Tentatively APMS merit lists for PGT, TGT posts will be released on 15 April and provisional list on 27 April.

As per information available, first principal's post will be filled. They will hold interviews for the post of Principals by Central University of Hyderabad. Certificate verification is likely to be scheduled on 15th April, and Interviews start from the next day i.e 16th April. There are no Interviews to PGT and TGT posts hence the recruitment will be purely based on the marks the candidates secured. 
APMS Provisional Lists of PGT and TGT posts are likely to be released on 27th April and Certificate Verification for the candidates in the Provisional list will take place from 29th aApril. Postings to the PGTs and TGTs may be possible in  first week of May after certificate verification.
AP Government starts 355 Model schools from 2013 academic year. They already conduct written test to Principal, PGT and TGT post in May 2012 and results also released on 7th  October 2012. Thousands of candidates have been awaiting APMS merit lists for  months together. There are  355 Principal posts, 4615 PGT posts and 2130 TGT post to be filled in this recruitment.




Attention Friends!!!!!

News scrolling in NTV at 10 am today (28/3/13)!
Minister told the press that model recruitment would be by the end of April.
Training in May.

Model School Teachers' Recruitment (Tentative Schedule)

Certificate Verification for Principals-15/4/13

Interviews from 16/4/13  by Central University, Hyd

PGT & TGT merit list- 15/4/13

PGT & TGT Certificate verification 29/4/13

Appointments- May 1st/2nd week

Source-All leading news papers.



It is heard from a reliable source (PA to an MLA) that Our Education Minister signed on our files and there will be no deputation even for principals. The same copy signed by the minister has been sent to the Finance Department as intimation to them in advance. I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST......! - Kumudini


Enjoy the happiest moments!!!

Recruitment for these model schools by the end of April.... 



The information given to me over the phone today (19/3/13) by the MLC of Guntur-Krishna constituency, Mr.K.S.Laxmana Rao.

"We met the education minister yesterday. During the general conversation I asked him about model schools. For that he gave their plan to release the merit lists of PGT&TGT in the 1st/2nd week of April so that counseling would be in the 1st week of may. The principals' recruitment would be a little earlier to the recruitment of PGT & TGTs. The minister also told that there would not be any deputation for PGT & TGTs." 

The MLC advised us not to worry about recruitment. 


All the APMS aspirants have decided to fax the following representation letter on Monday and Tuesday dated 18/3/13 & 19/3/13 to the CM office (04023452498) and CM Camp Office (04023410555). Faxing the huge number of letters on the same day may draw the attention of the CM. Even it doesn't cost much to the individuals. Those who don't have the knowledge of fax can simply go to the Fax centre and pay them so that they can send it.


The honorable Chief Minister                                                                            Dt : 18-03-2013.
State of Andhra Pradesh.


Sub :  Recruitments of Model School teachers-Delay in the  process- Request for displaying the "MERIT CUM SELECTION LISTS" without deputation - reg.

Ref :  Your honorable statement on 05-03-2013 in daily news   papers.
* * *

Adverting to the subject cited, we the Model School appointment aspirants for teaching posts submit that exams for Model School teachers' recruitment was held in the month of May 2012 and their marks along with the DSC candidates' were declared. We had appeared this exam before the DSC candidates but Model School teachers' appointments are not taken up, where as DSC teachers have been appointed. The Model School aspirants who have secured good marks are getting despair. But your honorable statement in the daily news papers dated 05-03-2013 has given a fresh hope that very soon the govt. would appoint the teachers. But the Govt. officials had seemed to be slow in taking proper action. Their response discourages the candidates.
            Hence, we earnestly request your honor to release the merit list without deputation as early as possible to revive our hopes.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully,
APMS Aspirants


Content for sending SMS to your MLAs.

“Please raise your voice about appointments of AP Model School teachers who wrote exams in May 2012 in assembly session. 7100families are awaiting your help in this regard.” APMS aspirants.


A good news , yesterday Mr. Krishnaiah met our educational minister and discussed our problem with him. The minister gave an assurance that provisional list will be released in the last week of March and all the 355 schools will be opened this academic year surely without any fail. Krishnaiah along with us will take appointment of the minister to discuss in detail within 2 days

Source of the news: A follower of Mr.Krishnaiah, Nagesh told Mrs. Kumudini. Hence the news is trust worthy. 



The people went to meet the CM today could not meet him because he was busy with Assembly session. The representation was given to the PA of the CM


This is the letter that is planned to give to CM tomorrow. Any changes with suggestions are invited to


The letter faxed to CM by Mahaboob Nagar Aspirants


Q & A about Chalo Hyderabad dated 06/03/2013


      1). How many aspirants reached Hyd to participate in Dharna?
           The sources said that more than 150 in total reached the Indira Park to take part in Dharna.

2. What are the demands that are put forward in Dharna?
     The aspirants mainly put three demands forward in Dharna. They are
     a). The Merit cum Selection List should be released immediately without any further delay.
     b). The ill practice of implementing the deputation should be avoided and all the 7100 posts should be 
          recruited directly based on merit.            
     c). The construction of 355 model schools should be speeded up and officials should see these 355 to   
          functionalise from June 2013.

3. How did Dharna take place on 6/3/13?
     The Dharna scheduled on 6th started at Indira Park, Hyd. At12'o clock Mr.Krishnaiah attended and
      demanded the release of Merit cum Selection Lists immediately. Many aspirants addressed the gathering              
      emotionally by explaining the problems they have been facing due to delay in the recruitment process.

4.) What did Mr. Krishnaiah speak in Dharna?
      When Mr. Krishnaiah came with a few of his followers, every thing was set ready for his speech. Mr.  
       Krishnaiah responded very positively to favour the aspirants.       He said to the aspirants, "When I went to meet the CM with some other on 3rd of this month, I 
      conveyed the CM about the delay in the recruitment of staff in Model Schools. I also told him that many 
      central Govt. funds released for these schools had been misused. When the CM tried to call 
      Mr.Rajeswar, I told him that he was not the right person. Then the CM called in Mr. Ravath 
      IAS and asked for explanation. The CM then ordered the Education Dept to speed up the construction
      and told Mr. Ravath to release the same explanation as a press note from the office of CM. Thus we got 
      the press note from CMO on sunday."
      During this time, the followers of Mr. Krishnaiah who attended the Dharna told the aspirants as they got 
      a message that intelligence reported the APMS officials about the Dharna and a meeting is arranged by 
      APMS officials.

5.) What was the plan charted out to execute after Dharna at Indira park?
      After the speech of Mr. Krishnaiah, the aspirants decided to meet the Minister & the CM. But they 
      received the info as the minister was in Vizag and the CM in Medak. Then they decided to meet Mr. 
      Rajeswar Tiwari at 3.00 pm with Krishnaiah to get the details about recruitment.

6). How did the aspirants execute the charted out plan at 3'o clock?
     When all the aspirants met at the secretariat, all were not allowed inside the secretariat. Then some 
     aspirants decided to go to APMS office to give a representation and some others went in to the  
     secretariat along with Mr. Krishnaiah to meet Rajeswr Tiwari.

7.) What did the officials at APMS say to the aspirants?
      The aspirants at APMS Office received no important information. Simply they told that were awaiting the  
      guidelines and orders from the Govt. and took the representation.

8.  What did Rajeswar Tiwari say to the aspirants?
     Some aspirant representatives along with Mr. Krishnaiah went and met Tiwari in Secretariat. He told that  
     the recruitment would be possibly started by the end of March. He advised the aspirants not to worry 
     about deputation because they received only 70 applications and 50 were finalised for consideration. He  
     further explained that these 50 application shoud be given No Objection Certificate (NOC) by the 
     Central Govt.
     We have already written a letter to the central Govt. requesting NOC for these applicants. We are 
      awaiting its responce." Tiwari added. He also said the recruitment of Principals and PGTs-TGTs would   
      be in April and May respectively and training would be given to them. He affirmed that all 355 schools 
      would me made functionalised from June 2013. 
      When aspirants expressed their doubt about starting all the schools from June by keeping the poor  
      construction status in many areas, he told as they were making some alternative arrangements for these
      Then Mr. Krishnaiah asked Mr.Tiwari to say who would be the next person to meet i.e the Minister or  
      the CM. Tiwari then replied that there was no need to meet any one as the process is going to be 
      initiated very soon. Tiwari expressed his belief that they would get clarity  about deputation after the
     cabinet meet that scheduled very soon.

9).  What did Krishnaiah speak to the media?
      After meeting Tiwari, Krishnaiah spoke to the media and demanded the Govt. to release the Merit cum
      Selection List with in a week failing which would invite attacking the residence of the CM. He also          
      demanded that all the vacancies should be recruited with the candidates based merit with out

  Model School Teachers Association (MSTA) has decided to organize 'Chalo Hyderabad' programme and 'Mahadharna' at indira Park in the city on March 6 demanding recruitment of vacancy teachers posts at various schools in the state. In a release, the association said State BC welfare Association President R Krishnaiah will participate as a Chief guest in dharna and appealed those who attended model school written exams across the state and waiting for the results to participate in the agitational programme .
All principals and PGT and TGT teachers working at various schools in the state will join in the agitation, the release added.

A Dharna is planned along with Mr.Krishnaiah by aspirants on 6th March in Hyd named Chalo Hyderabad at Indira Park.

Attention Aspirants!!!!!

12.15 pm on 28/12/2012

With the demands to release the merit lists immediately and speed up the recruitment process by clearly mentioning the schedule, AP Model School Aspirants reached Hyderabad at 9.00 am. Initially they assembled at Arts College of Osmania University and then moved as a group to the residence of Mr. Krishnaiah (BC Welfare Leader). They requested him to support the protest by putting pressure on the Govt. "The Govt failed to start these schools in the present academic year (2012-13) though the Govt. and officials promised many times that they would start in the previous year. Even the Project Approval Board of Model Schools, Govt. of India expressed its dissatisfaction against the Govt. of AP for its negligence in setting up of Model Schools. But the Govt of AP and officials of RMSA seem to continue their negligence and are least worried about the threat of the chances for postponement of the Model school Scheme for the academic year 2014-15. At least now, the Govt should wake up to utilise the funds released by the Govt. of India for the benifit of children from backward blocks in the sate." said the aspirants. They warned the Govt. that a huge protest will be taken up at Indira Park in Hyderabad on 6th March.

# Info from Kumudini/Anjaneyulu/Adil Basha says APMS Aspirants are now at the residence of Mr.Krishnaiah
# Mr.Krisnaiah showed very +ve response towards our problem.

# Mr.Krishnaiah advised aspirants to go to Secretariat to take passes.

# Meeting the Minister & Protesting at Secretariat /APMS planned at 3.00 PM today

# Press Meet on this by Mr. Krishnaiah at 6.00 PM today

# More than 80 aspirants assembled in Hyd. Many aspirants are about to join the gathering

# Some aspirants directly join the gathering at the spot of protest 

A Dharna is planned along with Mr.Krishnaiah by aspirants on 6th March in Hyd named Chalo Hyderabad at Indira Park. 

APMS Aspirants plan to meet the Secondary Education Minister Mr.Partha Saradhi and further plans regarding Dharna will be announced

Aspirants who can reach the secretariat by 3.00 PM today are requested to join the gathering 

To join the protest and for details call Mr.Anjaneyulu on 9494351956 

All the aspirants reached the secretariat and taking passes to go in.

 2.30 pm

A.P. Secretariat Employees' Union elections disheartened the aspirants.

In view of the elections, Visitors today are not allowed in to the secretariat.

Aspirants now are moving to RMSA to meet the officials.               

Meeting the Minister is doubted now.                             @3.10 pm


Aspirants met Mrs.Usha Rani, Commissioner & Director of
School Education and Ex-Officio Project Director,RMSA but 

yielded no positive result. She has been given a representation.      @3.50pm