Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Info about Recruitment

Probable Check List :


Documents Required for Non-Creamy Layer Certificate: 
Sent by Priya Nandini
Certificate will be issued normally within 15 days after submission of documents.
All documents should be attached.

Application forms should be signed by applicant. In case the applicant is a minor, it should be signed by the Adult guardian.
Applicant should produce all original documents at the time of submission of Documents at SETU office.
Attestation to be done by SEO / Gazetted Government Officers only
# Document Qty Req. / Optional Type
  1. Application duly signed by an Applicant ( It should not be filled & signed by the Candidate who is Minor) -> Qty 1 ->Required Original
  2. Rs. 5 Court Fee Stamp -> Qty 1 -> Required
  3. Caste Certificate of Candidate -> Qty 1 -> Required Xerox(Attested)
  4. a) Income of all earning family members should be mentioned in application for Affidavit. If, they are not employed, then it should also be clearly mentioned in the Affidavit.
  5. b) Bonafide Certificate should be produce in case of Children who are studying. 1 Required Xerox(Attested)
  6. Bonafide Certificate of Candidate.
  7. (Candidate is the person for which certificate is required. Application should be made by Major person. It is not necessary that Application should be made by Candidate, who is Minor. Applicant can be a Father, Mother, Major Brother/Sister.) -> Qty 1 -> Required Original
  8. Parent Income Certificate (Last 3 Financial years)
    1. Income Tax Return copy should be attached. AND / OR
    2. The persons who are not filing Income Tax Return and are not employed should produce Income Certificate of local Corporator. AND / OR
    3. The persons who are employed but not filing the Income Tax Return should submit the 'Salary Certificate'. 1 Required Xerox(Attested)
  9. (If the parent owns an Agricultural land, Farm House or any other business, please give details)
  10. Residence Proof (Ration Card /Rent / Maintenance Receipt / Landline Telephone Bill / Electricity Bill) 1 Required Xerox(Attested)
  11. Affidavit in Prescribed Format. -> Qty 1 -> Required Original


Model Recruitment is likely to be delayed further-Tiwari

He said that APMS had been awaiting the clarity from the

Govt.regarding the deputation, hence the release of merit lists 

might be delayed further. 04/03/2013


Info published by TRTUINFO

Model Schools(2013-14) Recrtment: 

Principals in Apr 

TGT&PGT in May 

 NewDsc Notifcatn aftr Modl Schools Recrtmnt only 


Source: https://twitter.com/TRTUINFO/status/303672848856260610


  1. My Gosh Aspirants!!!!

    What the heck is going on here? FEBRUARY—– Gone,……….. MARCH–Gone in the wind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And now Principals APRIL…………….. and MAY for PGT-TGT . ??????????????????

    come on guys What the **** is going on here with the government????????????????


    WE wrote our exam in MAY 2012 and Damn i prepared not even for a month….. as if these ********* fellows were recruiting us so early. But what’s happening ????? they would have told us before that the notification is for ******* sake and the recruitment is for……………………
    no more words to say.
    So please lets be united or else…………..

    one thing I found we are not as clever and and as smart as telugu medium candidates!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is PAKKA!!!!!

    SO WHAT IS OUR FATE???????????????????????


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