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FAQs about Model Schools

All the APMS aspirants have decided to fax the following representation letter on Monday dated 18/3/13 to the CM office (04023452498) and CM Camp Office (04023410555). Fax the huge number of letters on the same day may draw the attention of the CM. Even it doesn't cost much to the individuals. Those who don't have the knowledge of fax can simply go to the Fax centre and pay them so that they can send it.

Q.1 What is the concept of Model Schools?

A). Basically a model school will have infrastructure and facilities of the same standard as in a Kendriya Vidyalaya and with stipulations on pupil -teacher ratio, ICT usage, holistic educational environment, appropriate curriculum and emphasis on output and outcome. Some of the key features of a model school will be:
(i) Education provided in a Model school should be holistic and integral touching upon physical, emotional and aesthetic development in addition to academics.
(ii) Either brand new schools may be established or existing schools may be converted in to Model schools.
(iii) Necessary infrastructure will be provided in such schools not only forsatisfying teaching needs, but also for sports and co-curricular activities. There will be sufficient scope for sports, recreation and out door activities. Facilities like play ground, gardens, auditorium etc. will be provided in Model schools.
(iv) The curriculum should cast the local culture and environment and learning should be activity based.
(v) These schools will have adequate ICT infrastructure, Internet connectivity and full time computer teachers.
(vi) The Teacher Pupil Ratio should not exceed 1:25 and the classrooms will be spacious enough to accommodate at least 30 students. However, classroom students ratio will not exceed 1:40.
(vii) These schools will be provided with Arts and Music Teachers besides subject specific teachers as per the usual norms. These schools will also create facility for activities emphasizing Indian heritage and art & craft.
(viii) Special emphasis may be given on teaching of Science, Maths and English. If required, bridge-courses may be introduced for weak students.
(ix) The school curricula should include the material/items that inculcate leadership qualities, team spirit, participation abilities, development of soft skills and ability to deal with real life situations.
(x) Health Education and health check up will be introduced in these schools.
(xi) A good library with books and magazines for students and teachers will be provided.
(xii) Field trips and educational tours will be an integral part of the curriculum.
(xiii) Medium of instruction will be left to State Governments. However, special emphasis will be given on English teaching & spoken English.
(xiv) Affiliation of these schools to a particular examination board will be left to State Governments.
(xv) Selection of students will be though independent selections test.
(xvi) Selection of Principals and Teachers will also be through an independent process to be developed in consultation with State Governments.
(xvii) Model schools will have appropriate pace setting activities so that schools in the neighbourhood can benefit.

Q.2 What are the pay details of Model Schools?

    A). The following are the pay details. 
 Principal: Basic :20680/-
 Present DA (Approx 49%) : 10133
 HRA (12%) : 2481/-
 Total : 33294/-
 PGT: Basic :16150/-
 Present DA (Approx 49%) : 7913
 HRA (12%) : 1938
 Total : 26000/-
 TGT: Basic :14860/-
 Present DA (Approx 49%) : 7281
 HRA (12%) : 1783
 Total : 23964/-

HRA is generally from 12%-20%. As our schools are in backward blocks, we’ll be given 12%.
If we are given quarters and made be in the school campus, this HRA will not be applicable.
DA is to be revised and increased every 6 months.
Basic is revised every 5 years. Now employees are demanding the Govt. for 10th PRC.
We don’t have pension scheme.
Instead we have Contributory Provident Fund (CPF) scheme.
It is 10% of our basic+DA. is cut from our salary every month and the same amount by Govt. is contributed and credited to our CPF account.
 Free health service and benefits are given to the candidate’s parents and children who are dependents.

Q.3 What is deputation?
As all these schools and the staff are new to this kind of structure, the Project Approval Board (PAB) advised the Govt. of AP to recruit some teachers and principal from the schools of KVS and NVS. That is why in the notification, APMS mentioned that 1/3rd posts may be filled in with the staff from KVS and NVS. As the word MAY BE indicates the recruitment of them is optional not compulsory. If the word used was SHALL BE instead of MAY BE in notification, the case would be different. SHALL indicates compulsion. Hence here filling up these 1/3 vacancies with KVS and NVS is not compulsary.

Q.4 What is the present status of Deputation in Teacher Recruitment Test (TRT)-2 012 of Model Schools?

We know that many aspirants are much worried about deputation which will affect their chances of getting job. But the fact is that APMS received very few applications. Those are the applications of AP teachers working in KVS and NVS of Orissa and Bihar etc. It seems there is an another rule that those applicants for deputation should have at least 10 years experience. When one of the aspirant friends Mr. Naveen met Mr.Rajeswar Tiwari, he told that applications received were very few (around 70 only). Even the same point is made very clear by Additional Director of APMS that the no of applications received is negligible. Mr. Rajeswar Tiwari also made a point in a press meet about the no of applications received as only 70. So there is no need to worry at all about deputation.

Q.5 When will be the counseling of TRT-2012 completed?
 Hon'ble Secondary Education minister Mr.Partha Saradhi says that the recruitment of Principals, PGTs and TGTs will be completed by the end of March. But practically it may not happen because Mr. Rajeswar Tiwari told our aspirant friend Mr. Naveen that they would complete the recruitment of Principals and PGTs- TGTs by the end of March  and April respectively. Many applicants believe that it will be the end of April by the time whole process ends.

Q.6 When will be the training and what is its duration?
  Training for all the recruited teachers will be in the month of May in collaboration with National University of Educational Planning and Administration (NUEPA) and the duration of training is expected to be four weeks.

Q.7 What are the benefits given to the children of these school teachers located in backward areas?
The Govt. allots 5% of seats per class of 80 students and not exceeding 20 students per school over and above the sanctioned strength to the children of the regular employees of Model Schools. These students enjoy the benefit of school/college study only without any benefits as extended by the Government i.e. free text Books, Examination fee if any etc.

Q.8 How many schools will be started this year?
The Govt of India sanctioned 355 schools in I phase and the construction of 320 schools is about to be completed. Construction of 14 Schools has not been started because of legal issues regarding land allocations. The remaining schools' construction is not likely to be completed by June. In the correspondance made by PAB, it is made very clear that the Govt can start these schools in alternative buildings if construction of buildings is not ready. The same is planned by APMS that these 25 schools will be started in rented buildings.

Q.9 Do we have to reside in the quarters of Model Schools?
  As per the information given by APMS officials, the hostel accommodation is only for girls. The male faculty need not to reside in the hostels. But a few regular/contract women faculty members may be asked to reside in the quarters.The PAB advised the Govt. to pay them an amount of 3000/- per month as honorarium.

 Q.10 Why is the process of issuing Recruitment Guidelines delayed?
The Education Dept. has been waiting for clarity regarding the deputation from the Govt. When initially the Govt of AP issued a GO regarding the recruitment of faculty in Model Schools, it ordered to recruit all the 7100 posts directly without  mentioning any thing about deputation. But in the notification released, they mentioned "1/3rd posts may be filled in with deputation with the faculty working in KVS and NVS." Now the Govt is supposed to amend the GO released initially to facilitate the recruitment to be completed with out any legal problems. That GO is to be amended in the cabinet meet which hasn't been so far. The file is moving among the Education Dept, the CMO and the Finance Dept. If this procedure of initial GO amendment is completed, they will start the recruitment of Principals and then the PGTs and the TGTs.

Q.11 What are the updates of "Eligibility for Telugu Medium" Students' case?
As we all know that three level and two levels English Medium Study is must for Principal and PGTs-TGTs respectively, some students with Telugu Medium background filed a case in court. Initially the court directed the APMS authorities to accept the applications  from them. But just before a day of the Recruitment Test, the Single Judge Bench of the High Court dismissed their plea and Telugu Medium candidates could not attend the TGT exam. But immediately they filed a Lunch Motion Petition in the High Court and got the Stay order. They got the permission to write PGT exam with a condition that their results would be subjected to final verdict of the Court. On 4th January, 2013 the Case was dismissed by Justice G. Rohini and Justice K.G. Shankar. Hence the line is cleared for English Medium applicants.

Q.12 We are in border ranks. What are our chances to get selected for these posts?
The first positive sign in your favour is negligible number of applications for deputation. This will help many of this kind. The second chance for these candidates is that we can find some people who got good ranks with Telugu Medium background applied themselves as they belonged to English Medium. At the time of certificate verification, these candidates will be put aside. This will definitely will help some aspirants of this kind. The third chance for them is that many candidates got very good ranks both in TGTs and PGTs. These candidates will prefer PGT. The another case is that some other people may get both the principal and PGT jobs and usually joins the Principal post. The final chance is that some good rankers of PGTs/TGTs have been in Govt service as School Asst./SGTs with long service and will not join these schools. I found some candidates of the above said kind and hence there may be chance for some who are beyond the cut-off ranks.

Q.13 What is the syllubus taught in AP Model Schools?
Though the choice of medium and syllabus is given to states by PAB, initially the Govt. of AP decided to implement CBSC syllabus with English medium.But later it changed its mind and decided to implement State Syllabus because the Ministry of AP Education decided to upgrade the State Syllabus to the level of CBSC standards keeping the NEET and ISEET Exams in mind. Finally the State syllabus is to be implemented in AP Model Schools.

Q.14 What is the general counseling procedure?
After releasing the guidelines, the Secondary Education Dept with the permission of the Govt releases the schedule for recruiting the Principals and Teachers. Initially the rank wise merit list with details of community, gender, date of birth, PH status, Local status etc is sent to the zonal selection committees with a direction to prepare the Provisional Selection List as per the reservations allotted in the notification. Then the zonal level selection committee prepares the category wise Provisional Selection list by taking the roster points into consideration. Once the Provisional Selection list is prepared, it is published in official websites and news is released to News Papers for wide publicity. They also give schedule for certificate verification of the candidates printed in the Provisional Selection List. After the certificate verification, authorities will identify the Absentees for verification and information to attend the verification is again communicated to them by giving some time. If they are absent again, it is taken for granted that they are not interested to join these posts. Additional names are included in the Provisional Selection List to replace the absentees and their certificates will be verified. Then finally, the Final Selection List will be published with Roster Points and asked to attend the counseling to select the schools of their choice depending on the availability.

Q.15 How does the Rank Allocation takes place when more than a candidate get the same marks?
For the purpose of deciding the inter-se merit / rank of candidates with equal marks, the following procedure shall be followed in that order:

(i) Date of Birth: The elder candidate will be given higher rank over a younger candidate; 
 (ii) If the Date of Birth is also same, but the candidates belong to different genders, a female candidate will be given a higher rank over a male candidate;
(iii) If two or more candidates have same date of birth, and no female candidate is one among them, or more than one female candidates are available, then candidates belonging to the following communities (in that order) shall be given a higher rank: 
(1) ST    (2) SC    (3) BC (A)    (4) BC (B)    (5) BC (C)    (6) BC (D)    (7) BC (E) and    (8) OC    
 (iv) In case of further equality or tie, the date of passing of Professional /Training qualification examination (B. Ed / D. Ed or equivalent examination, Pandit Training etc) and in case of further tie, the date of passing the basic academic qualification shall be taken into consideration

Q16 What are the Certificates that are to be produced durind the Certificate Verification?
The following are generally the required certificates for varification.
1.      TET Marks Memo (for TGTs)
2.      Date of Birth proof (SSC Pass Certificate)
3.      Permanent Caste Certificate (for Reservation Categories)   
4.      Discharge Certificate (for Ex-Service Man)
5.      Original Deformity Certificate from concerned Medical Authority (For PH Candidates)
6.      Study Certificates from Classes IV to X/ Nativity certificate)
7.      Academic Qualifications (Original Degrees & Marks Memos of the following to be enclosed)
A) SSC       B) INTER    C) DEGREE  D)PG (If required)   E) B.Ed/ Pandit Training
8.      Medium Proof (if Required)
9.      Fitness certificate from Govt. Civil Surgeon
10.  .Two passport size photo graphs same as uploaded in the APMS Application
11.  One Attested Copy of all the above applicable certificates

Q.17 What is the percent of Local Reservation in the recruitment?
As per the presidential order of 1975, 80% percent of seats are reserved for local candidates of the zone and the remaining 20% of vacancies are open and not reserved to any zone. The 20% unreserved vacancies must be recruited first with both the Local and Non local candidates based on Merit irrespective of their  Zone. After, the remaining 80% of the posts are to be recruited by only the Local candidates by following the community wise reservation.

Q.18 Do the Certificates in Computer courses help in Recruitment?
The point mentioned in the notification is the knowledge of computer is desired. It is because the model
school teachers are expected to use advanced teaching methods using ICT/Computer Technology. But the possession of the certificates in Computer Education will not affect the Recruitment/Merit because no compulsion is mentioned in the notification. Hence it is only optional.

Q.19 What do the score matches mean in Chakra Technologies?
     The no of candidates with same marks for a perticular post is mentioned as score matches. For ex, If any one's rank is mentioned as 6 and score matches as 3, it means after rank 3, no one is given rank 4 & 5. All the three candidates with same marks are given rank 6. Their original rank will be given by APMS in the merit list by considering their Date of Birth. The elder candidate is given first preference.

Q.20 How is the Local Status of a candidate determined?
     The reference period of 7 years study is starting from Class - IV and ending with Class -  X of the studies done by the Candidate/Employee. The  Candidate/Employee who have studied during these 7 years in formal educational institutions will be required to give documentary evidence of the school and the location of the school, where they have studied during these 7 years. The period of study may be in one or more educational institutions and may be in one or more Districts. The place, where the employee had studied for a maximum period of time out of these 7 years will determine the Local Status of the employee. The Local Status will be determined only by the place where he has studied maximum out of these 7 years. The study need not be necessarily in a continuous spell even for same place.

    Therefore, the Candidate/Employee shall produce Certificate/s from the concerned school. Such Certificate can be in any form, eg., it may be in the form of Transfer Certificate, it may be in the form of Admission Register Extract, it may be in the form of simple Study Certificates, which indicate the period of study in school(s) by the Candidate/Employee. If any employee had studied in one single institution for a period of 4 years, then the details for remaining three years will not be required since 4 years is the maximum possible period at one place out of maximum 7 years period, which is the reference period. 

       Source:Circular Memo.No.89113/MC/2006-12 Dated.12-01-2007


  1. Is there any implementation of recently guided reservation rules such as 20% open 80% local for all this modelschl selection list?

    1. That's the point which delays the recruitment. BC,SC,ST welfare unions are fighting against it and the officials are awaiting the clear guidelines in this regard to start the recruitment process.

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  33. Hallo sir , I'm Adi. From kurnool dist. I've done B.H.M in 2010. And I've four years work experience .Sir when will be next notification for hospitality facility in ap model schools


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